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Back pain is one of the most prevalent health problems in the world today. The American Chiropractic Institute estimates that 80% of the global population experiences back pain at some point in their lives. In the United States alone, consumers spend 50 billion dollars a year dealing with back pain and it's one of the most common reasons Americans miss work and visit the doctor. According to experts in the medical field, poor posture is the main culprit. When you sit, stand, or lie down with proper posture, the vertebrae in your spine are perfectly aligned. 

US News explores the importance of posture and the prevalence of poor posture in modern adults writing, "If you're like most people, it becomes second nature to walk around with bad posture or sit hunched over at a desk, and some people don't even realize they're doing it. When you slouch, the muscles and ligaments in the back strain and work double-time to keep you balanced.

The first step in correcting this is to simply concentrate on sitting up straight and pulling your shoulders back and down when you're sitting, standing or walking. Correcting your posture can feel odd at first because it's not a position our bodies have become accustomed to holding. But practicing over time and holding your back in healthy posture will eventually become second nature."

Additionally, poor posture has been linked to:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Low lung capacity
  • Trouble digesting

Many people strive to improve their posture and one way to do so is with Massage Therapy!

Massage Therapy helps stimulate blood circulation to the muscles fatigued by poor posture, relaxing them, increasing their range of motion and allowing the body to return to its naturally comfortable position. After a massage, it can be easier to stand with healthy posture and maintain it with the following tips:

Tip #1

Keep your ears in line with your shoulders.

Tip #2

Focus your weight on the balls of your feet, not your heels.

Tip #3

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

Tip #4

Do not lock your knees, maintain a slight bend.

Tip #5

Let your arms hang naturally.

Maintaining proper posture can save you from all sorts of pain down the road. If you have trouble standing up straight, a massage might be just what you need to get your back on track. To learn more about back pain, its causes, and how to stop it, enjoy this free eBook by Dr. Todd Sinett titled 21 Days to a Better Back! It includes Dr. Sinett’s Better Back Meal Plan, tips on how to deal with stress-induced back pain, and quizzes to determine the cause of your back pain. To download the free ebook, click here.

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