Massage Chairs

Our high-performance massage chairs allow users to find relief from pain and soreness, improve their mobility and relax away the stress of the day-all at the touch of a button.

Massage Chairs

truMedic® Massage Chair Features

Many people start their journey with home massage by selecting a handheld massager or foot massager. These products are incredibly helpful for targeting specific areas that need attention, and the portability makes them particularly convenient to use on the go.

With these types of massaging devices available, you might wonder what unique benefits a massage chair has to offer. However, the full-body massage that you get from a truMedic® massage chair provides a different experience. While you should still hold on to your handheld device for targeted relief, a massage chair delivers the ultimate, relaxing full body massage.

Our massage chairs are designed to deliver a luxurious experience from the moment you sit down. We offer models that include a built-in body scanner that tailors each massage to your body type. It doesn't feel like sitting in a typical recliner, either; simply switch into zero-gravity mode to relieve pressure on the spine and enjoy a feeling of weightlessness.

With a variety of massage settings, it's easy to get the best relief for your muscle tension, aches and pains. Each chair is designed to deliver the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience possible, allowing you to enjoy head-to-toe sensations that envelop your entire body in soothing Shiatsu massage.

These massage chairs offer some of the most advanced tech features as well. Some truMedic® massage chairs can be voice activated to avoid having to search for a remote when you want to begin a massage or switch functions. Select models also feature Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

When you choose a truMedic® massage chair, you'll discover the incredible benefits of Shiatsu massage. This type of therapeutic bodywork has its roots in Japan and involves a variety of massage techniques, such as kneading, pressing and tapping, applied in a rhythmic sequence.

The pressure from this type of massage is especially soothing. Many users of truMedic® massage chairs enjoy a Shiatsu massage that provides many benefits:

Relief from pain, soreness and tension, Enhanced blood circulation, Reduced inflammation, Improved mobility, Lowered stress and anxiety, Better sleep and mood

Sit back, unwind and relax in a massage chair from truMedic®. Check out our popular InstaShiatsu +, Coda™ and Etude™ Massage Chairs at truMedic® to find the best fit for your needs.