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truShiatsu MagicHands Neck & Back Massager

Our most advanced, high-performance massage unit yet. Designed with a patent-pending mechanism that is made to recreate the touch of a professional masseuse.

truRelief IMPACT Therapy Device MAX

This top of the line, high-performing massage gun features deep tissue percussion to relieve muscle pain, aches, and sores.

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I couldn't be more pleased; MORE than I expected.
I am familiar with the technology from past chiropractic experience. I called for spare accessories and spoke to Tony. He was easy to deal with and the process was quick and easy. I wish truMedic great success.

Andy B.

Feels like real hands
I love this massager. Very high quality. My wife uses a truMedic neck massager and she loves it. She bought this for me. It is their top of the line neck massager. I would recommend it to anyone! I love all of the options for different massage patterns.

Inez M.