Massage Guns

These handheld devices deliver deep tissue percussive massage, alleviating aches, pains and knots in a matter of minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Handheld Massagers

truRelief™ Impact Therapy Device Features

What makes truMedic® massagers superior to other devices on the market? The answer is simple: quality. These products are built to deliver deep tissue percussive massage for therapeutic benefits to help relax and energize strained and tired muscles. Users are amazed at the results they can get at home, whether it's resolving minor aches and pains or enhancing their mobility.

Versatility is a vital part of what makes truRelief™ IMPACT Therapy Devices so effective. In addition to having multiple speed settings, these handheld massagers also feature interchangeable heads. Varying shapes and sizes make it easier to get customized, targeted relief for different sources of pain and soreness. The portable design makes it possible enjoy massage therapy wherever it's most convenient, whether you use it at home, take it to the gym or even pack it to take along while traveling.

With truMedic® massagers, you also get a product made to the highest standards. That includes an incredibly quiet, brushless motor as well as a long-lasting battery with a lifetime guarantee. Multiple models are available, including a mini size, to accommodate your specific massage needs.

Uses for truMedic® Handheld Massagers

There are several ways you can utilize a handheld massaging device from truMedic®, including:

Muscle warmup: Applying deep tissue massage before a workout helps to prep your muscles for activity. Just like stretching, massage is often encouraged before exercising to help prevent damage to muscles and avoid soreness afterward. This can be especially helpful if you plan target specific muscles during a workout.

Post-workout cooldown: Handheld massagers can also be used after a workout to reduce tight, sore muscles. The massage helps to keep muscle fibers from holding onto lactic acid, which can contribute to post-workout soreness.

Tension release:
Many people experience muscle tension from stress or anxiety. Tension can also build up from certain activities, like sitting at a desk or in the car for long periods of time. A handheld massager can help to release that tension and provide a relaxing effect for both the body and the mind.

Injury healing: Recovering from an injury may be less painful when a handheld massager is used. The percussive effect helps to stimulate blood circulation, which can contribute to faster healing. Be sure to consult a doctor or physical therapist before using a handheld massager while recovering from an injury.

If you're ready to live a life with less pain, soreness and tension, choose from these handheld massagers at truMedic®. Our truRelief™ IMPACT Therapy Devices can be used to provide powerful relief and therapeutic benefits anywhere, anytime.