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  • The impact stress has on the back (with an easy quiz to tell how much stress we all carry daily… and how to eliminate it)...
  • The 10 laws to a better life (that will help relieve stress carried in the back in an effort to enjoy a more all-around fulfilling life!))...
  • How to cope through difficult times in life so stress/tension doesn’t manifest in common problem areas
  • How foods consumed could be causing even more discomfort (and what foods to avoid to reduce any back issues!)...
  • The Better Back Meal Plan - a simple 3-week commitment (with recipes!) to help  eliminate toxic build-up and bring the body back into balance, which can result in increased energy, better resistance to illness, greater mental ability and yes, a BETTER BACK!...
  • How much of a “bad back” is actually structural or not… with a quick quiz to help determine if additional help is needed

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