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TENS Belt For Lower Back Pain Management

7 reviews

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Support your lower back and manage pain at the same time

The truMedic TENS Belt requires a TENS unit which is sold separately. Support your lower back and manage pain simultaneously with the truMedic TENS Belt. Wrap the belt around your lower back and power up your TENS unit to begin feeling relief. Wrap the belt firmly and feel the comfort of additional physical support.

Relief that stays put, right where you need it

Made with comfortable, high-quality materials, the TENS belt has a velcro strap which allows you to receive targeted relief to the spot where you need it most. You don’t need to twist and turn to get the electrode pads where you want them. Simply adjust the belt and the pads will stay put, right where they belong.

TENS Belt + TENS Unit - a winning combination

Get back in the game when you use the truMedic TENS Belt with a compatible truMedic TENS Unit like the TM-1000PRO or the PL-009. It’s a winning combination for managing your lower back pain. Experience the additional support and a comforting massage without spending a fortune for relief. With the electrode pads and a zippered storage case already in the box, simply connect the TENS Belt to a compatible unit and begin feeling relief the day it’s delivered.

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Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 7 Reviews
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Mark R.
TENS PL-009 and TENS Belt - First Impression

I purchased the TENS PL-009 following ESTIM treatment as part of a successful Physical Therapy regimen for a shoulder injury. Had to have one for home use after that so I picked up the PL-009 about 9 months ago and found it to help when I have "overworked" a muscle group. Recently I injured my lower back through a not-so-intelligent overhead lift of a heavy box to store it on a high shelf. The standard electrodes worked but were not always placed in an optimum position. When I read about the TENS belt it seemed like the perfect solution for my back and that has proven to be true. After a brief set-up to attach the electrodes to the belt and the connector adaptors for the PL-009 the belt was ready to go. It was easy to position and secure (the belt extender was a welcome addition although fortunately not needed yet) in the desired location. It seemed that I could actually applied a higher level input with the belt than I could with the standard electrodes; maybe due to better contact with the skin provided by the belt. In summary, I would recommend the TENS Belt for anyone using the TENS PL-009 or TM-100Pro for use on the lower back. The convenience and effectiveness are definitely worth the cost.

This really works!

I ordered the TENS unit from Amazon and liked it so much that I placed an order for the belt as well as other sizes of the electrode pads. If only trumedic could make a vest, lol.


Just ordered this unit and used it the other night it is terrific helped my low back pain and eased my sciatic pain used it again the next night.

Trumedic TENS Belt for Lower Back Pain

A good quality belt which provides relief to lower back pain. It's easier to place across the middle back than some of the other pads, and easier to shift up and down the back as needed. The reason I am giving this 4 stars rather than 5 is the pads that come with it are difficult to peel one side of the protective cover off. Works great though once you have it set up. Overall, I would recommend this product.

Arlene K.
Convenience and Quality

Impressed with the quality of the belt. Best part is no long wires to contend with, so there is the freedom to move around normally. You will not regret this purchase. In fact it is a must for those with back issues.