Back Massagers

The therapeutic benefits of massage are available in the comfort of your own home when you use a truMedic® back massager. Just sit back, relax and let the massager do all the work.

Back Massagers

Just sit back, relax and let the massager do all the work. These devices are also highly portable, which makes them easy to move from room to room, bring to the office or even take along on your next vacation. Experience the therapeutic benefits of a professional-quality Shiatsu massage with one of these top-rated truMedic® massagers.

Why Use an At-Home Back Massager?

Just about everyone loves getting a back massage. While going to a professional massage therapist is always a treat, it can also be expensive. Plus, there are the scheduling difficulties you may have to deal with when appointments aren't available on demand.

When you get an at-home back massager from truMedic®, you can enjoy the same therapeutic benefits of getting a back massage without any inconvenience. It's always ready to go when you need it, whether you want a massage first thing in the morning or late at night just before bed. You can even keep one in the office and enjoy a quick massage during your lunch break. There are no long waits for appointments to worry about. When you feel tense or your back gets sore, just reach for your truMedic® massager and get relief right away.

Even if you love getting a professional massage, these devices are a great way to relieve back pain and stress in between sessions. Instead of worrying about whether you can find an appointment at the last minute for an unexpected back issue, you can count on your at-home back massager to help ease the pain. Plus, it saves you from having to schedule expensive appointments all the time to experience those therapeutic benefits you've come to rely on.

Features of truMedic® Back Massagers

At truMedic®, each of our massaging devices is carefully designed to provide the best results with every massage. Our selection of back massagers includes a variety of different styles to suit your unique needs. Popular options include a back massager that can be wrapped around the neck and shoulders for a wonderful upper back treatment and pillow massagers which can be positioned anywhere behind your back while in a seated position.

Depending on what model you choose, you'll also get to enjoy high-quality features, such as:

Shiatsu massage: Shiatsu massagetechniques are noted for their ability to help improve circulation, reduce tension and provide relief from aches and pains.

Heated massage: Want to enhance the relaxation and help accelerate healing? Turn on the heat feature on your truMedic® back massager.

Cordless: Most of our massagers can be used while plugged in or you can charge the long-lasting battery for massages anywhere, anytime.

Portability: Our back massagers are compact and lightweight, so they're easy to take with you for massages when and where you need them.

Ergonomic design: Each of these massagers is contoured specifically for the back to enhance the therapeutic benefits.

Treat yourself to back massages on demand and experience relief from stress and pain at the touch of a button with your very own truMedic® back massager.