Why Do I Need to Drink Water After a Massage?

Why Do I Need to Drink Water After a Massage? - truMedic

When you go for a massage, you want to get the most out of it. Whether to decrease your tension, address an injury, aid in physical therapy, or just for sheer relaxation, the hope is that you’ll leave feeling great. The massage therapist is likely to recommend drinking water before and after each session. Why is that? Here are the two major reasons.


Each of the body’s systems relies on water to function properly. As a result, doctors generally recommend eight glasses of water each day. When undergoing bodywork, this can be even more important. Many massage therapists encourage increased water consumption before and after appointments. Muscles and other soft tissues in the body are impacted positively by the lubrication water provides.

Massage can dehydrate the body. As the practitioner manipulates muscle tissues, he or she is effectively wringing them out. By drinking lots of water, you are helping your muscles reap the benefits of the bodywork without the side effects of dehydration.

Waste Removal

Massage stimulates circulation in the body. This increased circulation can cause acids and other wastes built up in your muscles to enter the bloodstream. Although this has a cleansing effect for the muscles, you need to flush the waste.

Drinking water before and after a massage can help remove these toxins. This is particularly important when receiving a lymphatic massage. Lymphatic work can release a large amount of waste into the body, which water will help clear out.

If plain water doesn’t appeal to you, consider adding lemon, lime, or cucumber to the mix. Avoid sports drinks that have added sugar and sodium on massage days. Using pure water is the best way to keep your body cleansed and reap all the benefits of both the massage and proper hydration.

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