What makes the IS-4000 so great?

What makes the IS-4000 so great? - truMedic

Over the last month, our IS-4000 InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager with Heat was selected as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2018 and was featured on Good Morning America, the Rachael Ray Show, Entertainment Tonight, People Magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine. But what is it about the IS-4000 that’s drawing so much buzz?

Well...it’s actually a few things.

One thing that makes the IS-4000 Foot Massager with Heat stand out from the competition is its unique, ergonomic design. While most foot massagers on the market are either spa baths or flat, vibrating surfaces, the IS-4000 is specially designed to complement the structure of the human foot to provide a professional deep-tissue Shiatsu massage. Its spheroidal shape paired with its combination of rollers, heat, and Leg Airbag Compression Wraps make it the most thorough foot massager on the market.

Another aspect of the IS-4000 Foot Massager with Heat that has made it such a hit is the option to personalize each and every massage. It has the ability to change between 3 different levels of intensity and airbag compression depending on the user’s preferences. Whether you would like a gentle massage or a more aggressive one, the IS 4000 is here to suit your needs!

Let’s hear more from the people who know the IS-4000 Foot Massager with Heat best - some of the truMedic staff!

What makes the IS-4000 so great? - truMedic“The IS-4000 is my personal weekend foot masseuse. My old foot massager was so loud, it would wake up my house if I used it in the morning, but the IS-4000 is so quiet that I can use it while sitting on the same couch as my napping husband...though he often falls asleep with his feet in it.”

Jeanine Tringali, Customer Service


What makes the IS-4000 so great? - truMedic

“On a lot of mornings, especially after a long run, I put the IS-4000 under my desk for a quick massage session at the beginning of the workday. I always use the Leg Airbag Compression Wraps to help massage soreness out of my calves after running uphill.

Alex Siliato, Video Director


Now that you know what all the fuss is about, check out the IS-4000 Foot Massager with Heat here! And if you are already the owner of one of our most popular items, you are welcome to register your product here to extend your warranty for an additional 6 months, adding up to one full year of coverage from your date of purchase!

Happy Foot Massaging!

-The truMedic Staff

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