Using the truMedic PL-009 Pulse Massager on your Knees

Using the truMedic PL-009 Pulse Massager on your Knees - truMedic

Our ease of movement relies directly on our knees. The mobility of your knees determines your ability to walk or run easily. Unfortunately, arthritis and athletic injury can place undue strain on the knees, making it difficult to move from one location to another. The muscles and tendons that attach to the knee can become inflamed or even contract, thereby limiting your mobility and range of movement.

Fortunately, massaging your knees can increase blood flow to the region and relax your muscles. The stimulation provides more oxygen and nutrients needed to the area to relax and encourage muscle growth and repair. Over time, proper stimulation can relieve pain, making it easier to move.

One of the greatest forms of stimulation is electrotherapy, which combines the art of massage with modern day technology. Simply attach the electro-pads of the Electronic Pulse Massager PL-009 to the front side of your knees. The pads should be placed directly in front of the kneecap.

Turn on the device and select the intensity and pattern that’s right for you. If you’re suffering from an athletic injury, use this on a regular basis to encourage growth. Only 5-10 minutes a day is needed to experience the incredible benefits.

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