The Right Massager for Everybody in Your Life

The Right Massager for Everybody in Your Life - truMedic

After so many holiday seasons, it can get hard to find new gifts to excite the people you care about. But worry not, for truMedic is here to help with the right personal massager for everyone!

1. For the Multitasking-Mom

She works, gets the kids off to school, and takes care of the baby. For the multitasking-mom, free time is a thing of the past, and the shower is her sanctuary. Make her escape even better with the cordless InstaShiatsu+ Water-Resistant Wand Massager! It has varying intensities and a no-slip-grip handle for an easy massage in the shower or bathtub.

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2. For the Netflix-and-Chillers

Whether it’s your lazy little brother or your slothy older sister, we all know someone who lives to stream. They’re always hogging the TV, but they’ve given you recommendations on what shows to watch. Reward them for their tastes with the InstaShiatsu+ Seat Back Massager with Heat. It has 12 individual massage nodes and fits perfectly between your back and the couch. But be warned: if your goal is to get them off of the couch, then this product won’t help you!

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3. For the Career-Oriented

Your friend Emma’s promotion to corporate means she makes twice the money, but has half the free time that she did before. She spends most of her time at the office and struggles to find time for one lunch break a week. She needs a way to unwind without getting up from her desk, she needs the IS-4000 InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager with Heat! It has three different massage modes, heat, air compression calf sleeves, and fits perfectly under most desks.

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4. For the Athlete

Your cousin Scott hasn’t taken a day off his workout since 2004. He’s training for a marathon, triathalon, and a mud run, all of which are on the same weekend. Scott needs the TENS Belt! It’ll help him support his back and manage his pain and soreness with the power of electrotherapy anywhere he goes. Of course, we recommend he use it with a TruMedic TENS unit.

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5. For Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad deserve the best. They’ve always done everything for you, from throwing your birthday party to taking care of you while you were sick at home. As they get older, they’re starting to experience aches in their necks and backs that they just can’t seem to get rid of. They need the IS-2000 InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager with Heat! It has a rechargeable battery, heat, and wrist straps that will allow them to control the intensity of their massages. It will also feel great on their calves, thighs, and lower backs.

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Our personal massagers are a great gift for everybody, check them all out here!

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