The IS-4000 in the News

The IS-4000 in the News - truMedic


It's Clear Oprah's Got 1 Thing on the Brain: A Foot Massage — and Everyone Gets 1 This Year! - “Think of it as your own personal masseuse. Ideal for tired and aching feet, you slip your feet in, choose your intensity level, and bask in the glory that includes rolling foot pressure and air compression!”


Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2018 — Get The Luxurious Highlights! - “The TruMedic foot massager is like having a robot boyfriend you can actually tell your mother about!”

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Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’ list includes $168 adult onesies - “In a segment on “Good Morning America,” O, The Oprah Magazine’s Adam Glassman took viewers through a few of the 64-year-old talk show queen’s standout items for 2018, including a $199 TruMedic foot massager that he says left Winfrey seeing fireworks.”

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Oprah Reveals Her Favorite Things of 2018 - “Buy this as a sneaky gift for the person in your life who demands foot rubs—or the person you always ask for them. Think of it as the gift of never having to ask again.”


Oprah’s 2018 Favorite Things List Includes Some Standout Wellness Gifts - “Unlike a lot of other foot massagers, this one completely envelops your feet. It uses pressure and heat to mimic a shiatsu massage, making it a worthy addition to any self-care Sunday ritual.”

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Inside Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018 List with Gayle King! (Exclusive) - “One of the highlights? An almost $200 foot massager that Winfrey couldn't get enough of. ‘She put her feet in here and you can honestly hear squeals of delight,’ King said.”


Oprah Announces Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018 - “Two standouts from the list are the truMEDIC Foot Massager as well as the LA Relaxed Jumpsuit. The truMEDIC Foot Massager usually goes for $199 but with GMA‘s Deals and Steals it’s selling for $99.50. Oprah said: ‘When I tried this foot massager, I swear fireworks lit the sky, waves pounded against the shore, and a choir of angels sang. This is some powerful pampering.’”


What Else? - “I have a foot massager but it’s pretty old and it’s one of those that rolls under your feet, which is fine, but not that effective because you have to press down on it to get the full pressure and that’s work. Oprah’s looks a lot more advanced.”


OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS 2018: 51 FABULOUS GIFT IDEAS - “Perfect for getting all the kinks out of your tired and aching feet. Choose your level of intensity to get the most your of your massage. Rolling foot pressure and air compression make this massage the best!”

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