Summer Activities to Boost Mental, Physical Health

Summer Activities to Boost Mental, Physical Health - truMedic

The days are getting longer, brighter, and warmer. With the change of season comes a golden opportunity to create new habits for a healthier life. Whether you are looking for small changes or big adventures, there are plenty of options to stay healthy in the summer sun.

Before starting any of the following activities, remember to protect yourself against the heat. Hydration is crucial. Don’t forget to use sunscreen, dress in light clothing, and seek shade frequently. With those things in mind, here are some great activities to kick off your healthier new lifestyle: 

  • Beach Volleyball: This is a great activity to meet new friends and tone up your body. Your core, legs, and shoulders will get quite a workout while you enjoy the ocean view. When the weather turns cold, make plans to meet for indoor volleyball at the gym.
  • Tennis: This provides some intensive cardio while building arm muscles. Ask a friend to join you on the courts. Then, maintain a biweekly date at a covered court come autumn.
  • Bicycling: Your legs will never have looked so good. This is a great toner for the quads and hamstrings. It also facilitates exploration. Pick a new trail each week or try a long-distance adventure.
  • In-Line Skating: Skating goes a long way toward attaining highly toned glutes, hips, and legs. Turn your commute into a great workout. Once winter rolls around, transition this great habit into ice-skating a few times a week.
  • Explore: Use the appeal of beautiful weather to take a mini-trip. Just a day or a weekend of exploring a new city can set a new standard. Especially if you have a car, you can take day trips to explore new places all year-round. When it gets too cold, visit aquariums or museums instead of new cities.
  • Geocaching: The whole family can enjoy this kind of adventure. It is designed like a real-world treasure hunt. Players receive coordinates and must navigate to the site, and then find a hidden container. These activities go on year-round.

This summer, start something new. Explore, enjoy the sun, and create healthy habits for yourself that you can maintain all year long.

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