Simple Ways to Create Balance at Home, Work

Simple Ways to Create Balance at Home, Work - truMedic

Between work, family, friends, calls coming in on the cell, and the 17 email messages that just arrived, it's easy to feel like you're being pulled in too many directions. Sometimes very small steps can make a huge difference in life balance. Here are some great ways to find your center and maintain a better system for navigating stressful days.

The Question of Priorities

Taking a few minutes at the start of each day to align your priorities can be very helpful. Though it may not be appealing to spend time on it, it will simplify things. Priorities shift regularly. However, deciding which priorities are the overarching ones for the week, and then each day, means less time spent debating hour to hour. It provides a clear focus and a fallback if things become stressful. While considering this, be self-protective. If something is unnecessary and there is no time for it, let it go. Recognize that nobody can accomplish everything every day.

It is equally important to make time for things that will act as mood-stabilizers – time with children, friends, or a spouse, for example. Make certain there is time for more than just work each week. Making time for a little fun and a good laugh will go a long way toward improving balance in life.

Attend to Your Health

When life becomes crazy, it is easy to let your health slide. Just a few minutes of exercise each day will release endorphins that can make things more manageable. Maintaining a healthy circulatory system and metabolism are very important for overall health as well. Make sure to carve out 10-minute breaks throughout the day to move around.

While addressing whole-body health, bear in mind that chemicals are not the only toxins. Avoiding unhealthy people is just as important as avoiding foods that are unhealthy. Whether it is dinner or conversation, make certain everything you consume helps rather than hurts.

Shut It Down

In this noisy world, it can be truly helpful to tune out on occasion. Spend a little time alone. Turn off all electronic devices. Making space for oneself is extremely important. When life’s balance goes askew, take a few minutes of quiet, reassess the day’s priorities, cut out anything toxic or unnecessary, and always remember to laugh.

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