Other areas to use your truMedic PL-009 Pulse Massager

Other areas to use your truMedic PL-009 Pulse Massager - truMedic

Aside from the treatment techniques outlined in the comprehensive Pain Management resource, feel free to use the Electronic Pulse Massager on areas where you need to experience the benefits of massage therapy! As always, consult your physician or primary health provider before trying any sort of new treatment and listen to your body as you take advantage of the benefits electrotherapy has to offer!

The main thing to remember is that you want to begin on the lowest setting.  The electrodes must be firmly attached to the area you would like to treat.  Placing the electrodes on your skin after the unit is turned on may cause an unpleasant sensation.  After you start the treatment, slowly increase the power intensity until you begin to feel the effects of the pulses.  Stop if the feeling is too intense or uncomfortable. 

Never use the PL-009 on areas with open wounds, lesions, rashes or if you are experiencing any abnormal skin condition.  People who use a Pacemaker, or other implanted medical device must not use a pulse massager.  Please read and understand all of the warnings in the manual and contact us with any questions.


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