Keep Calm and Get Your Massage On: Activities We Love Even Though They Stress Us Out

Have you ever felt stressed while doing something that you enjoy? Stress is typically viewed as a bad thing and it’s true that too much stress can manifest in the form of aches and pains and this has detrimental effects on your mood, but small doses of stress can increase certain experiences.

I decided to go around the office at truMedic and ask my fellow employees about activities that they enjoy, but also stress them out. We’re dedicated to combating stress, but when it comes to our own recreational activities, it turns out that a little bit of stress can be a lot of fun.  Here is a list of the top five responses:

  1.   Television/Netflix/HBO

Watching television was overwhelmingly the top response. There is something wonderful about a story that constantly delivers, one that keeps you on the edge of the seat, writing and acting that’s so good that even when you know what is going to happen, you still have a strong emotional response. I know that when I’m engrossed in a story, I care about the characters and their experiences and I actually worry about what will happen to them.

Arguably one of the most stressful television shows is HBO’s Game of Thrones and it’s a favorite here at the office. We won’t include any spoilers, but let’s say that a lot of popular characters pass away. For many of us, the experience of watching an entire episode is filled with stress and anxiety and yet we keep coming back for more and re-watching old seasons.

  1.   Sports

We’re an eclectic group at truMedic. We come from all over and as a result, we root for a variety of sports teams. For example, I love watching the New York Rangers, but James, our e-commerce expert, roots for the Islanders. We may disagree on which team to root for, but we agree that watching a hockey game is both fun and stressful.

There is no worse feeling than watching a play and disagreeing with a referee’s call. Just one questionable call can cost a team the game. The stakes only get higher the further into a season a team plays. Connor, our Marketing Manager, is a die-hard New England Patriots fan and during the Super Bowl, he was on the edge of the seat the whole time, pulse racing.

  1.   Traveling

There is something absolutely magical about traveling to somewhere new and getting to immerse yourself in a different culture. You get to try new foods, see incredible sights, and make new friends. However, any time that you travel somewhere new, there can be a sensation of stress that comes from not having complete control.

Recently one of our Accountants returned from a trip to China. She had an absolutely amazing time, but it was a bit difficult for her because she doesn’t speak the language. There were moments where she felt stressed, but it added to the overall excitement of the trip and it was something that she was able to work through.

If you’re thinking about taking a trip to somewhere new, we highly recommend that you go through with it.

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  1.   Video Games

This answer surprised me. I grew up playing video games as a fun leisure activity, something to do to relax at the end of the day, but video games can be different things to different people and the world of competitive gaming has been steadily growing. There are also games that are notorious difficult to beat.

Jereme, our Graphic Designer specifically mentioned a game called Dark Souls. The Dark Souls franchise is known for being incredibly fun and incredibly challenging and the challenge of beating the game is stressful for many players. Another game that can be stressful is League of Legends. Players battle online and the highly competitive atmosphere finds a great balance between stressful and fun.  

  1.   Performance

We’re a creative group and many of us play instruments, act, sing, and dance. It’s fairly common for us to randomly break out into song. Singing in front of your coworkers and friends is one thing, but singing in front of a large group of strangers can be intimidating and that’s why performance made it onto our list.

There is a joy to performance. I used to perform stand-up comedy in New York’s Hudson valley and there were some nights where I would absolutely get into the zone. I would improvise jokes on the spot and come back with quick and witty responses for hecklers, but it was not always like this. I remember the first time that I ever performed, it was part of a comedy contest for amateurs and I went on after a comedic magician who almost set the venue of fire after a botched trick involving pyrotechnics. I was incredibly scared, but it was also an incredibly fun experience.

Stress is a part of life, but you shouldn’t let it prevent you from enjoying your life. The right amount of stress can be fun, but if you ever find yourself overwhelmed, we recommend relaxing with a massage to help get you through it.

Marc | Copywriter