How To Create A Spa Environment At Home

How To Create A Spa Environment At Home - truMedic

A spa is an incredibly relaxing environment and can provide much needed relaxation and rejuvenation after a busy week or month. The one negative of the spa experience is definitely the cost – and the need to pre-book and travel can also be inconvenient when you crave a tranquil, heavenly space to unwind and de-stress away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The good news is that with a little creativity and a few select pieces of equipment, it’s easy to recreate a spa feel at home. Try these top tips to transform your bathroom into an at-home spa…

Add candles

Getting started is easy, just light a few candles! There is nothing quite as relaxing and serene as a gently flickering candle. Try scented candles to soothe tired sense. Lavender is incredibly relaxing but other aromas such as sandalwood, ylang ylang and vanilla also work well.

Invest in a cozy waffle robe

Wear a robe! You would probably do this if you went to a spa so why not try walking around your own home in a decent bath robe? The softer your robe is the more relaxing and luxurious it will be. A waffle design helps to recreate the spa experience.

Add incense

Buy and then burn some incense a little while before stepping in to your at home spa. You can do this as well as or instead of lighting a candle. Insence is available in a huge variety of scents and blends, so again personal preference is key - it’s about using a scent you like to further relax you.

Try a massage

Massage is one of the nicest ways to encourage your mind and body to unwind and let the tensions of the day slip away. You may not be able to have a personal masseuse on hand at home but you can have the next best thing with the Instashiatsu™ Plus Neck and Back Massager. A shiatsu massage is deeply relaxing and this great piece of professional equipment is very similar, try the heat setting to ease tense muscles.

Choose a soundtrack

Music is another thing spas do very well. A good playlist can really help relax your mind and body. Try classical music or, if you have a tablet or iPod, browse spa music playlists on YouTube or iTunes and then set to low for background music while you unplug.

Try a few easy treatments

Look up DIY treatments or invite friends over for face masks and DIY mani-pedis. Spas are also a social space there is no reason you cannot share the relaxing atmosphere you have created with your friends. The other great advantage to this is that it means there are other people to help perform treatments like pedicures, manicures and body scrubs.

Turn up the heat

Heat is a great relaxer so invest in a heated towel rail and turn up the dial on the thermostat a couple of notches. You don’t want to be sweating but you do want to feel warm and comfortable.

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