How Massage Therapy Works

How Massage Therapy Works - truMedic

There are endless reasons why your muscles and joints get stiff and sore. Regardless of the cause of pain, massage therapy is a proven technique to help relax your body and stimulate healing. 

Massage therapy works by going beyond the superficial and digging into the deep layers of skin and muscle of your body. When properly carried out, these massage patterns elongate the muscle tissues that have contracted over time, abuse, age, or injury. The manipulation of these areas creates the relaxation response, which is involuntary, but provides incredible nervous system benefits. 

First, the relaxation response allows you to relax. This is the first step to alleviating pain. This is why so many people enjoy a nice massage after a stressful day at work. However, true pain management comes from providing healing and preventing future issues.

Massage is proven to improve blood circulation and relax your tissues. As blood flow increases to these areas, the muscles become oxygenated and receive more nutrients needed to stimulate growth and healing. The neurological pain pathways are shared between the muscles, organs, skin, and other connective tissues. When one area is improved, all others feel the associated benefits.

With the use of the Electronic Pulse Massager PL-009, you can experience the incredible benefits of alternative healing through electrotherapy!

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