Get Ready for Summer by Taking Care of Your Body

Get Ready for Summer by Taking Care of Your Body - truMedic

Summer is getting closer, and as we slowly strip layers off, many of us will be thinking about the damage the winter has done to our bodies. With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about preparing your body for summer. We’re not talking about getting ‘beach body ready’, more along the lines of making sure your body is in tip top shape to cope with the changes in temperature and harsh elements. If you’ve been hibernating all winter, eating a lot of comfort food and drinking more than usual, as the warmer weather trickles in, that is when the guilt starts to creep in.

Follow these top tips to ensure when the sun does finally appear, your body is ready.

Increase your fluid intake

The most important thing to do – at all times, not just in summer – is drink plenty of fluid. Plain water if you can, however many people don’t like the taste, so adding a bit of natural flavor is okay. We know it’s as old as time, but it is so important to maintain bodily health. And considering research conducted in 2013 stated that one in four Americans don’t drink enough water, you’re probably still not doing it. It’s widely recommended for adults to drink two liters daily in order to keep bodies in tip top shape and stave off the effects of dehydration.

Next, let’s talk about nutrition

Healthy eating – again all year round – is imperative for a healthy body – and a healthy mind. Oily fish for example is high in essential fatty acids (EFAs) which cannot be made by the body, so must be obtained through diet. Good for keeping the joints and heart healthy, they’re also good for healthy brain function. Making sure you eat your five-a-day through a range of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables along with healthy protein and grains will keep your body loving life all year long.

Don’t neglect your skin

What you put into your body is what shines out, however after a long, cold winter, your skin probably needs a little bit of help. After lying neglected for months, your skin will probably be left looking dull and lifeless. Exfoliating using a gentle scrub will reinvigorate the skin and leave it looking bright and energized. Follow this with a moisturizer day and night with a high SPF to reinject lost vitamins, protect it from harsh UV rays, and keep it looking soft and supple all summer.

Do some gentle exercise

The winter often leads to months of hibernation, only escaping the comfort of your warm home when you absolutely need to. The start of the warmer months are a time to get some fresh air into your lungs and fall back in love with the great outdoors. Going for a brisk walk for half an hour or a Sunday afternoon bicycle ride will get your heart pumping, releasing endorphins and help to reignite those unused muscles. For those who prefer to do exercise inside, taking up yoga or Pilates will really benefit you as you stroll into the summer. Relieving tight muscles and tension, these low-impact exercises are perfect for those wanting an even gentler workout.

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