7 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Bones and Joints

7 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Bones and Joints - truMedic

It’s no secret that we complain about how sore our joints are. As it’s such a prevalent problem, why not take the time to discuss some methods you can implement to improve your overall bone and joint health?

Now, if you really want to fully understand the ins and outs of joints and how they work, or how they may be causing you pain, always check in with your doctor. If your pain stems from an underlying problem, they may encourage you to get direct access to physical therapy in New York or wherever you are located. However, in the interim, you can utilize these helpful suggestions to strengthen your bone and joint health.  

1. Keep a Close Eye on Your Weight to Improve Joint Functions

In 2015-2016, obesity affected more than 93.3 million adults in the US alone, a staggering statistic by itself.  As you gain weight, your joints endure additional wear and tear as they work to support your entire body. Exercise and healthy eating can help you maintain an average body mass, which can, in turn, lower the stress on your joints.

2. Exercising Can Strengthen Your Joints

Exercising and working out on a daily basis is imperative when it comes to joint protection. While building up your strength through exercise is important, you do not want to push your body’s limits. Exercise is certainly beneficial, but be wary of technique. Improper form or lack thereof can be detrimental to your joints.  

3. Smoking is Bad!

No good story ever started off with, “I was holding a cigarette….” We already know how much of a negative effect smoking and tobacco products have on our health. In fact, often times the use of these products can lead to a slew of bone-related injuries. Broken bones and fractures already flaunt a lengthy recovery period; don’t lengthen that because you decided to take up smoking.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Posture

Do you remember your 3rd grade teacher constantly telling you to sit up straight? Well, they were right. One of the best things you can do to better your bone and joint strength is being cognizant of your posture. Stay aware of how you sit throughout the day and always correct yourself if you begin to slouch. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you do it the better you may feel over time.

5. No High Heels, Ladies

As fashionable as it may seem, high heels do more damage than good to your body. It’s no secret that women feel the urge to wear high heels very often, but they’re more harmful than one thinks. Wearing the appropriate shoes for exercise or even sports is important, too. Women should seriously consider taking a break every now and then from heels by wearing more level shoes that provide adequate protection and support.

6. Get Up and Move Every Now and Then

When most people envision a full time job, they see a desk, computer, and a chair that just doesn’t conform to their comfort. Should you find yourself in one of these jobs, or chairs, put aside some time to take a break and stretch. Allocate some time during the day to move around and loosen up.  It sounds silly, but anything you can do works. Research some joint-focused exercises you can perform during these breaks.

7. Calcium: Bones and Joints’ Best Friend

Calcium is by far the best vitamin for your bones and joints. It nourishes your bones and makes them stronger. Your diet should feature a few foods or meals that provide a good source of calcium. Foods like milk, cheese, and even green vegetables are just a few of the many viable examples. Additionally, there are vitamins you can purchase to get your supply of Calcium outside of your diet.  

Integrate these tips into your daily routine and you may notice a difference in the way you feel immediately.  For additional support or questions, always speak with your doctor or healthcare provider regarding your bone and joint care.

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