6 Reasons Every Office Needs a Massage Chair

6 Reasons Every Office Needs a Massage Chair - truMedic

We all work hard, and we all deserve to relax after a long day’s work. Here are some reasons why every workplace needs a massage chair.

1. To combat TechNeck

If you work all day in front of a computer, you’ve probably experienced TechNeck. TechNeck is what happens when you’re looking down at your phone or computer all day; and if you’re one of the many people who get their entertainment primarily from their devices, then you take TechNeck home with you as well. Regular Massage Therapy can help quell pesky TechNeck symptoms and have you working pain-free!

2. To Relieve Office-Induced Neck Pain

If you sit all day at your job, you likely deal with lower back pain and other physical annoyances. People tend to slouch over when sitting for long periods of time, causing their spines to misalign and induce pesky lower back pain. A massage chair can help relieve office-induced lower back pain and correct posture so you won’t need a cane to walk to the breakroom.

3. To keep the office healthy

Flu season is bound to get the best of at least one of your coworkers, and if they try to be a super-employee and come to work anyway, they’re bound to spread their condition around the office. A massage chair can help increase circulation and boost your immune system, keeping the rest of the office healthy while Margaret in accounting sneezes away.

4. To help deal with Carpal Tunnel

For some people, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is nearly unavoidable. They don’t have time to take periodic breaks or do hand and wrist exercises that can help relieve their pain. Some massage chairs actually come equipped with airbags that massage your wrists and forearms to relieve Carpal Tunnel symptoms and increase productivity on the computer.

5. To prevent varicose veins

Sitting down all day slows blood circulation, which can cause fluids to build up in your legs and ankles. Just like a massage chair improves circulation to boost your immune system, that same improved circulation can help keep fluids from building up in your legs and causing your veins to pop. Massage chairs can also do a lot of good for your physical appearance in general.

6. You can get all of these benefits year-round, at a fraction of the price of a private masseuse

Hiring a private masseuse to come to your office for just one day can cost up to $100 an hour depending on where you work. That’s $800 for a typical 8-hour workday! At $3,999, the truMedic MC-1000 Massage Chair will pay for itself after just 5 days. After that, your office can enjoy the many benefits of owning a massage chair at essentially no charge!

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