4 Reasons Massage is Great in the Winter

4 Reasons Massage is Great in the Winter - truMedic

Ah, the wintertime. 'Tis the season for hot cocoa, snowball fights, and relaxing by the fire. But did you know that the cold, harsh winter weather can cause a wide variety of health conditions? 

In this post, we explore some of the health conditions that accompany the winter weather and discuss how to combat them with the power of massage therapy.

1. Preventing Winter-sniffles

The low temperatures of the winter months mean it’s time to stay inside and crank up the heat. Though it may be comfy and cozy, spending the majority of your time in the dry, indoor heat can increase your chances of catching a cold or the flu. Massage Therapy can actually help boost your immune system, keeping you from getting sick while you’re cooped up indoors.

2. Keeping blood pressure in check

Low temperatures during the winter can also cause blood vessels to constrict, much like the air in your tires. This causes blood pressure to rise, potentially incurring aches and pains. Massage Therapy can help warm up muscles to expand blood vessels constricted by cold weather, making your blood flow as if it were in warmer temperatures.

3. Relieving shovel-shoulders

If you spent your morning digging your car out of the snow, you may be suffering from shovel-shoulders. Shoveling snow can actually be a great workout for your legs, shoulders, and back, but like any great workout, it can leave you with sore muscles. Massage Therapy can help relieve your sore muscles, because who knows when you’re going to have to shovel again?

4. Moisturizing

The cold, dry winter air, combined with the hot, dry air from your heater work together to dry your skin out fast. This is especially true for people who take more than one shower per day. Massage Therapy is often performed with the aid of lotions and essential oils that contribute to healthy skin. Massage Therapy can also contribute to tissue elasticity.

Stop sniffles, improve circulation, keep your skin healthy, and relieve soreness this winter with Massage Therapy!

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