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O, The Oprah Magazine:

"When I tried this foot massager, I swear fireworks lit the sky, waves pounded against the shore, and a choir of angels sang..."- Oprah Winfrey 

GMA Deals and Steals:

"It [the truMedic Foot Massager] starts at mild and goes to wowzza."- Adam Glassman

People Magazine:

Oprah Winfrey writes, “This is some powerful pampering.”

Daily Mail:

"Chat show host announces her annual gift list - which includes...a foot massager [!]"

Entertainment Tonight:

"She [Oprah] put her feet in here and you can honestly hear squeals of delight," [Gayle] King said.

ABC News:

"Score big savings on everything from Oprah's favorite foot massager to..."

Refinery 29:

After Oprah tried this foot massager, she said: "I swear fireworks lit the sky, waves pounded against the shore, and a choir of angels sang." That's a pretty glowing endorsement. We're sold. says:

Unlike a lot of other foot massagers, this one completely envelopes your feet. It uses pressure and heat to mimic a shiatsu massage, making it a worthy addition to any self-care Sunday ritual.

Page Six:

 O, The Oprah Magazine’s Adam Glassman took viewers through a few of the 64-year-old talk show queen’s standout items for 2018, including...[the] truMedic Foot Massager that he says left Winfrey seeing fireworks.

WIRED Magazine:

This is a refreshingly simple product. No cloud connectivity, no smartphone app. There are three buttons to make it go, and that's it.
Rating: 9/10 - Nearly flawless.


Featured on PBS:

"We found that this [truMedic TM-1000PRO] is a true, complete process of pain control." -Dr. LeRoy Perry, DC

Town & Country Magazine:

"Buy this as a sneaky gift for the person in your life who demands foot rubs—or the person you always ask for them. Think of it as the gift of never having to ask again."


Rouge 18 says:

“This GAME CHANGER of a home massager is the gift that keeps on giving.”


Travel Pulse:

“At the risk of sounding like a late-night infomercial - TruMedic actually gives you a legit Shiatsu-style massage on the go.”


Muscle and Fitness:

"Massage away soreness with this remote-control-size electrical stimulation device.”

adventure girl logo

Adventure Girl says:

“A true princess should have the truMedic InstaShiatsu Foot Massager as an option without even leaving the house!”

mental floss logo

Mental Floss:

“The portable massager provides relief all over the body and costs about as much as a single massage.”

daily burn logo

Daily Burn:

“Help him release stress with the TruMedic InstaShiatsu Back and Neck Massager With Heat.”

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