Experience the Benefits of Massage Therapy

Discover how the truMedic InstaShiatsu+ MC-1000 Massage Chair can give you unlimited at-home massages... without the appointment!   Use coupon code TIMESSQUARE for 50% OFF your MC-1000 Massage Chair purchase.  Normally $3999.97, yours today for just $1999.99. ADD TO CART
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Full Control At Your Fingertips

Not only will you be able to completely relax, but you don’t have to get up or really even move a muscle to change the intensity, speed, or location of your massage. Our easy-to-use LCD remote fits snugly in the side pocket so you always have control of your massage without moving a muscle.

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Massage Customized to YOUR Body

The S-Track Roller System follows the natural curves of your spine, stretching tight muscles and soothing sore spots. And with a fully adjustable recline, you can relax and enjoy your massage from the comfort of your home.