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5 Reasons Why People Can’t Stop Talking About

The truShiatsu™ PRO

Foot Massager

(And Why It's So Effective at Relieving Stress)

Here's Why One Of Our truShiatsu Foot Massagers Was Selected By Oprah As One Of Her Favorite Things Of 2018!

Reason #1: Delivers An Authentic Shiatsu Foot Massage From Home

You won’t have to get out of your PJs to indulge in a luxurious Shiatsu foot massage from home. Just sit back, relax and let the truShiatsuTM PRO Foot Massager melt away all your aches and pains that built up through your day.

Reason #2: Effectively Relieves Tension, Soreness And Stress

This foot massager’s unique combination - of reflexology rollers, airbag compression, and far infrared heat - all work together to expertly stimulate the acupressure points in your deliver total body relaxation, starting with your feet.

Reason #3: Customize Each Massage To Your Needs

Choose from three different intensities, three massage times and optional heat functionality for a fully tailored foot massage that perfectly meets your needs. In 5, 10, or 15 minutes, you can treat yourself to a relaxing Shiatsu massage experience .

Reason #4: Perfect For The Entire Family

Ergonomically designed to complement the structure of any size feet, it can be used by the entire family for relaxation and relief from aches and pains.

Reason #5: Customers Swear By It For Better Sleep

Trouble getting to sleep? Many customers use the truShiatsuTM PRO Foot Massager before bed to calm themselves into a deep, restorative sleep state.

Who Wouldn’t Want A Relaxing
Foot Rub On Demand?


The truShiatsuTM PRO Foot Massager has been a game changer for busy people with tired, achy feet.

It's for the busy mom, nurse, teacher, or executive always on their feet who needs a few minutes of relaxation.

Now you don’t have to pay a masseur/masseuse for complete soreness relief.

This premium foot massager delivers a spa-like Shiatsu massage from the comfort of your home.

Just sit back, relax, and let its rollers and airbag compression work the acupressure points of your feet.

It feels just like a masseuse's fingers kneading and pressing the stress out of the base of your foot and toes.

With 3 different intensities, 3 massage times, and an option to add Far-Infrared Heat, you can tailor each massage to meet your needs.

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Get A Spa-Quality Shiatsu Foot Massage Without Ever Leaving Home!


About truMedic

truMedic offers wildly popular massage and wellness products that are so effective they go beyond relief...

Beyond = Infers additional benefits, helping consumers see the bigger picture by improving their lifestyle, not just addressing their immediate need

Relief = giving consumers an effective way to address pain, discomfort, stress

All of their products have been specially designed to help you refresh, revive and live a little better whenever you need.

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Because You Deserve It! Try the truShiatsuTM PRO Foot Massager + Heat

Get Your truShiatsu™ PRO Foot Massager + Heat Now!

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What People Are Saying About

The truShiatsuTM PRO Foot Massager

“Pure heaven! This machine is a gift from the Gods. It squeezes and rolls in all the right places. It does wonders on my poor heels, and make my feet feel wonderful.”

-Laura V.

“The best massage ever. It is so relaxing. I almost passed out from pleasure...I'd give ten stars if I could.”


- Jaye Elle

“As a professor I am on my feet throughout the day and this machine helps ease away the typical foot aches that come from standing too long...Other family members squabble over whose turn it is for a massage, so everyone is very happy with my decision to buy the foot massager.”

Verified Costco Buyer

“Feels great after working out or running. Feet feel completely rejuvenated. I use it daily now.”

- Lily D.

Get Your truShiatsu™ PRO Foot Massager + Heat Now!

*Limited Stock, Ships Free!*

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