They say laughter is the BEST medicine! Sometimes, our product videos go a little sideways…we thought you might want to see the results. Please give us feedback – your comments are most welcome. Of course, if you have an idea for a silly video, please share it with the team, we’d love to hear from you.


Happy Holidays from truMedic: Everyone here at truMedic wants to take a minute to wish all of our incredible customers a happy holiday season.

Drone Delivery: As the idea of delivery via drone becomes increasingly more popular among online retailers such as Amazon, we decided to make light of the far-fetched plan for a drone delivery system. It’s not quite perfected yet. Check it out here:


truMedic Trick Shot: After a video of LeBron James using our InstaShiatsu+ Neck & Back Massager made it's way around the web, we decided to make a "trick shot" video featuring one of our massagers. We sent the Cleveland Cavaliers our new model (IS-3000PRO) along with this video.

Saint Patrick's Day: A leprechaun was spotted on the grounds of truMedic's Headquarters. As he tried to escape the crowd he fell into a bit of good luck when at the end of the rainbow he found a plethora of truMedic's handheld massagers...PERFECT for relaxation and stress relief. 


Foot Massager Frustration: We brought in a spokesperson to record some video clips and as soon as she sat down to use our InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager, not much else got done that day. Check it out here.


Handheld Percussion Massager Prototype: We knew our InstaShiatsu+ Handheld Percussion Massager was strong and powerful, but we never thought it could do this!


Wand Massager Spell: While shooting a video for our InstaShiatsu+ Water-Resistant Wand Massager, we figured we should "test" it's magical abilities and someone disappeared! Watch this video and witness the magic.

Don't become a monster when you're in pain: