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Total Body Relaxation... From Head to Toe

A Spa-Quality Shiatsu Massage

Make any day feel like a spa day with a soothing, professional-quality foot massage. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as the truShiatsu™PRO targets specific acupressure points in your feet with its combination of rollers, heat, and airbag compression.
Treat Your Feet with Heat

Relieve tired, aching feet with a soothing heated massage. Activating the heat function with your shiatsu massage will help reduce muscle soreness and tension.
Reflexology Rollers

The truShiatsu™PRO utilizes rollers and airbag compression to target specific reflexology points to provide complete stress and soreness-relief in every session.
Comfortable, Ergonomic Design
Enjoy an invigorating massage where you want, when you want it. The Dream Machine truShiatsu™ Rechargeable Pillow Massager with Heat is an effective pillow that works wonders on your neck, back, shoulders, legs and its portable!

At Home Tension and Stress Relief
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truShiatsu™PRO Foot Massager with Heat

Your feet need a break! The truMedic truShiatsu™PRO Foot Massager with Heat is equipped with professional-quality massage technology to provide a relaxing foot massage on your schedule. Forget about booking expensive massage appointments.With the truShiatsu™PRO Foot Massager with Heat, you can treat your feet to a professional-quality Shiatsu massage from the comfort of your own home.

Dream Machine truShiatsu Pillow Massager + Heat

Massage yourself into a deep sleep with truMedic’s new state-of-the-art Dream Machine truShiatsu Rechargeable Pillow Massager with Heat. No wires required! The rechargeable Dream Machine Pillow Massager is a luxurious massage pillow that works great on your neck, back, shoulders, calves, and more. This massager makes an excellent addition to any couch, chair, or bed.

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Customized Spa Experience

Experience a spa-qualiity truShiatsu™ massage in the comfort of your own home.

Airbag Compression

Rollers and airbag compression target specific pressure points with its combination of rollers, heat, and airbag compression. Select from rolling foot massage with mild pressure or roller with high pressure.

Shiatsu Massage On-The-Go

The Dream Machine truShaitsu™ Rechargeable Pillow Massager with Heat is our first ever portable pillow massaging unit. You can enjoy hours of relaxation with the rechargeable battery!

Multiple Massage Modes

Features 4 different massage modes and 3 intensity settings. Customize each foot massage based on how tired your feet are, select from our low, medium and "wowza" intensity!

Intuitive Design

The Dream Machine truShaitsu™ Rechargeable Pillow Massager with Heat is incredibly easy to use! Just plug it in to charge and turn it on to enjoy an invigorating shiatsu massage. Once it's charged, you can take it anywhere for on-the-go relief.

Take Your Massage to the Next Level!


truShiatsu™PRO Foot Massager with Heat

Tailor Your Session

Customize each foot massage to your liking with 3 different time settings, 3 different intensities, and optional heat functionality.

Ergonomic Design

The truShiatsu™PRO Foot Massager is ergonomically designed to complement the structure of the human foot for maximum relaxation.


Dream Machine truShiatsu™ Pillow Massager + Heat

Heated Massage

Turn on the heat function and enjoy the benefits of a warming massage that soothes sore muscles and relieves stress for deep relief.

Auto-Reverse Function

The Dream Machine truShiatsu™ Rechargeable Pillow Massager with Heat comes with auto-reverse functionality which periodically reverses the direction of the massage nodes to help effectively relieve knots and soreness.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Products:


"I just received my foot massager OMG I'M IN HEAVEN I have wanted one every since I saw it on GMA last year I researched & researched different one's & this product is just what I needed I'm on my feet alot and I wanted to make sure the massager I chose would get the heel as much as the rest of the foot and this product does THANKS TRUMEDIC pressure and massager are wonderful if you could could create one with more heat I would be in love forever other than that the Pro massager is amazing"

Trevia M.


The Top of the Line

"I got the foot massager for my daughter who is sometimes on her feet for sixteen hours straight. She said she has never had such a wonderful foot massage. If you want the best, this is definitely it. Worth every penny."

Catherine V.



"This truShiatsu Pro foot massage by TruMedic is amazing !!! Every night I look forward using it while watch TV, it is so relaxing and takes away the stress of my day. I don't have any foot issue just love foot massages. The foot massager hit all the right places on foot, I told my husband the best part of getting a pedicure is when I get my feet massage. Now to have it in the comfort of my home, this is GREAT !!!"

Earlene A.


Great for knots in back muscles

"I did not buy this through Amazon, but I think it is great! I, frequently, get deep knots ing my upper back and shoulders and this helps me. No, it is not "comfortable" to lie on . . . but those rolling balls sure to help to loosen those knots for me."



Massage a PLUS

"After a long bicycle ride, I love this item, as its very supportive for athlete recovery, i push it into my back, and along the length of my legs, its very effective for recovery."

Stephen S.


Great for all over your body.

"You can use it on your shoulders, back or legs. Feels great. Slightly difficult to turn on and off."



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