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About Us

We Believe that the holistic benefits of massage therapy, electrotherapy, and similar treatments should be readily available to anyone suffering from pain, discomfort, and stress

Our products deliver relief and comfirt to people all around the world


Stress and pain shouldn't have to be byproducts of life. When you resign yourself to live with pain, your mood, health, and productivity all suffer.

We believe in embracing innovation and creativity.

We are constantly developing new products to help you experience a world beyond relief

At truMedic, we measure our progress by the happiness that we bring to our customers. We take pride in reading positive reviews and listening to happy customers on the phone and learning their stories.

Our greatest resource is you. We’re building a community of people to share experiences and stories. Together we can develop the most effective methods of pain and stress relief.  Your feedback and input is critical to our success and incorporated directly in successive versions of our products.