Shoulder Massagers

Feel your tension melt away when you use a high-quality shoulder massager from truMedic®. These devices are capable of delivering a shoulder massage that feels just as soothing as one given by a professional massage therapist.

Shoulder Massagers

You can use it for pain relief when you feel soreness in your shoulders or just to enjoy the relaxed and calm feeling that a shoulder massage provides. No matter what the reason, truMedic® massagers offer the most effective design to make sure you get the best possible massage at home. Find out more about our top-rated shoulder massagers to find out which one might be right for you.

Reasons to Get a Shoulder Massager

The shoulders are one of the hard-to-reach spots that you just can't massage yourself. It's not like when you feel like there's a knot in your calf that you can try to work out with your own hands. To really get a good shoulder massage, you typically need someone else to help out.

But that's not always an option. You might be at the office and experiencing shoulder strain from looking at your computer or you're home alone and want the stress relief benefits of a massage but have no one to lend a hand. Professional massage therapists are always an option, but the appointments can be expensive and inconvenient when it comes to scheduling.

That's why it's so great to have your own truMedic® shoulder massager. You can get the relief you need at the touch of a button. These portable devices are easy to use anywhere, anytime. That gives you the option to enjoy a soothing shoulder massage at home, at the office or even while traveling. It's the most convenient and cost-effective way to get a professional-quality shoulder massage whenever and wherever you need it.

truMedic® Shoulder Massager Features

Our shoulder massagers are built to deliver the best possible massage for this specific area of the body. The ergonomic designs conform to the curves of your shoulders, neck and upper back to provide the best level of pain relief and relaxation. Shiatsu massage techniques are implemented to assist in delivering these therapeutic benefits.

In addition to advanced designs, our shoulder massagers also come with an array of impressive features, including:

Heat: Applying heat is known to enhance the benefits of massage by increasing blood flow and relaxing the muscles. Heat therapy can even help to speed up healing in some cases.

Adjustable settings: Customize your massage from beginning to end by selecting different speed settings and massage functions.

Portability: Each massager features a sturdy yet lightweight design that makes it easy to transport wherever you need it. Use it in any location while lying down or sitting up to get the benefits you need.

Rechargeable battery: Many of our massagers also feature a long-lasting battery that can easily be recharged, allowing for cordless use of the device.

Choose from this selection of shoulder massagers to enjoy a professional-quality Shiatsu massage anytime, anyplace. These devices are always ready at a moment's notice to help you relax, unwind and release pain and tension.