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Foot Massager and Dream Machine Bundle

$249.72 $449.94

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Exclusive Massage Bundle

truShiatsu™PRO Foot Massager with Heat

Your feet need a break! The truMedic truShiatsu™PRO Foot Massager with Heat is equipped with professional-quality massage technology to provide a relaxing foot massage on your schedule. Forget about booking expensive massage appointments.With the truShiatsu™PRO Foot Massager with Heat, you can treat your feet to a professional-quality Shiatsu massage from the comfort of your own home.

Dream Machine truShiatsu Pillow Massager + Heat

Massage yourself into a deep sleep with truMedic’s new state-of-the-art Dream Machine truShiatsu Rechargeable Pillow Massager with Heat. No wires required! The rechargeable Dream Machine Pillow Massager is a luxurious massage pillow that works great on your neck, back, shoulders, calves, and more. This massager makes an excellent addition to any couch, chair, or bed.

A Spa-Quality Shiatsu Massage

Make any day feel like a spa day with a soothing, professional-quality foot massage. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as the truShiatsu™PRO targets specific acupressure points in your feet with its combination of rollers, heat, and airbag compression.

Treat Your Feet with Heat

Relieve tired, aching feet with a soothing heated massage. Activating the heat function with your shiatsu massage will help reduce muscle soreness and tension.

Reflexology Rollers

The truShiatsu™PRO utilizes rollers and airbag compression to target specific reflexology points to provide complete stress and soreness-relief in every session.