Using the PL-009 for Back pain relief

Using the PL-009 for Back pain relief - truMedic


A strong back is crucial to maintaining proper posture and upholding the entire upper half of your body. Age, physical activity, misalignment, and many other issues can cause pain to arise in a variety of areas of your back. The back pain can range from the neck to shoulders to mid-back and to your lower back.

Deep tissue techniques are no substitute for medical care, especially when it comes to back pain. However, the benefits of massage provide relief and can often times be used as an adjunct to enhance medical treatments. In fact, a massage research study showcases the benefits of massage therapy, showing that 10 weeks of massages were proven to alleviate chronic lower back pain. The benefits can last for up to 6 months.

Simply locate the specific area of pain (neck, shoulders, lower back) and place the electro-pads in the appropriate areas. Turn on the Electronic Pulse Massager PL-009 and find the intensity that you need. Treatment ranging from 5-15 minutes is enough for you to experience the neurological benefits, but you may massage for longer periods of time for relaxation. 

Aside from electrotherapy, it’s crucial to exercise on a regular basis and maintain healthy posture to keep back pain in check.

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