Shiatsu For Beginners

Shiatsu For Beginners - truMedic

Shiatsu massage is a well known and respected massage therapy technique. In fact, this unique form of massage can traces its origins back to Japan.  In its traditional form, it combines ancient massage techniques with concepts used in Chinese traditional medicine. Modern Western researchers have also discovered that shiatsu massage is a useful clinical therapy, thanks to its ability to improve circulation, balance hormonal systems, and reduce stress.

How shiatsu works

The word shiatsu itself literally means “finger pressure” in Japanese.  Traditional practitioners believe that applying pressure with the fingertips and thumbs along different areas of the body can help to balance the flow of energy through the body. The Japanese call this energy ki. Clinical practitioners also use these techniques to relieve stiff muscles, reduce the patient’s stress, and to encourage circulation throughout the body.

Using shiatsu yourself

You don’t have to visit a practitioner to enjoy the benefits of shiatsu. There are techniques that you can use on yourself, at home, for a variety of purposes. You can also employ the use of an automated shiatsu massager, like truMedic’s InstaShiatsu™.

Self shiatsu

  • Relaxation: Gently hold your foot, with your thumbs on the sole. Rub vigorously, using pressure to your comfort level.
  • Difficulty sleeping: Press one thumb against the bridge of your nose (where your glasses would rest). Hold the pressure steady for a few moments, then release it slowly. Repeat as desired.

Automated shiatsu

An automated shiatsu solution can offer you a lot more flexibility than performing shiatsu on yourself, especially when it comes to pain relief.  The InstaShiatsu Plus™, available from truMedic, for example, can be adjusted to be used on almost any part of the body, including the entire back.

An automated shiatsu solution provides the individual with a way to enjoy the benefits of shiatsu massage without costly repeated visits, reservations, or other inconveniences that accompany using a massage therapist.  Some, like the InstaShiatsu™, also include warming elements so that you can soothe sore muscles or chronic pain with gentle heat during your massage.

Shiatsu can be a wonderful way to improve your overall well being. It can also help those that are dependent on medications for pain relief or insomnia a chance to break free of that dependency.  Shiatsu also will help you relax, reduce stress, and gain mental clarity. It’s a very safe and easy to use therapy, with next to no downsides.

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