Investing in Your Well-being Could Keep the Surgeon Away

Investing in Your Well-being Could Keep the Surgeon Away - truMedic

It’s estimated that about 56 million Americans suffer from back pain, of varying severity. Many of these suffers resort to drastic measures – such as surgery – to ease the discomfort caused by the pain. truMedic, the leader in pain relief and relaxation, are highlighting the need to look at alternative therapies first, in order to help keep surgery at bay.


Once considered a last resort, back surgery is now a booming business. Around 500,000 Americans undergo surgery each year for lower back problems alone, and according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Americans spend more than $11 billion each year on operations to relieve back pain. However, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, fewer than 5% of people are good candidates for back surgery, meaning that, unfortunately for some, it doesn't always provide relief. In fact, the Johns Hopkins Medicine report suggests that although patients with serious structural problems or disease often benefit from surgery, relieving pain and allowing for increased mobility, those with lower back pain are often left with disappointing results.

 Anthony Izzo, VP of truMedic, said, “People’s backs are often put under a lot of undue pressure. Extremely strong and robust, they are also extremely fragile, with even the smallest of movements in the wrong way causing potentially irreversible damage. All too often people are keen to go under the knife, as they see it as the solution to their problems. However more often than not, it is not only pointless, but, as with all surgery, carries its risks. By looking into alternative therapies first – such as massage, this could help thousands upon thousands of people relive their pain non-invasively, and therefore save people not only the pain of going under the knife, but also thousands of dollars in medical fees.”

The Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese bodywork based on the theoretical framework of traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu, meaning ‘finger pressure’ in English, uses the fingers, thumbs, palms and feet, assisted stretching, and joint manipulation and mobilization to release tension and target areas of pain and discomfort in the back. Designed by truMedic, the Instashiatsu+ is a revolutionary massager that helps those with muscle aches, stiffness and pains in their neck, back and shoulders. Mimicking the deep-kneading sensation of the traditional shiatsu massage, the device has often been described as a “personal masseuse”. Allowing pain suffers to pinpoint the pressure to certain areas to ease pain and discomfort, the Instashiatsu+ can help transform people’s lives at the touch of a button.

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