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Essential Home Holistics - truMedic

A holistic, supportive, healthy home environment can be an incredible resource when it comes to pain management. Stress, anxiety, and worries can all exacerbate pain.

Your home should be a safe, peaceful place where you have everything you need to manage your pain effectively without resorting to the use of powerful medications. 

 Even if you find that you need to use medication at some points, creating a more holistic environment can help you reduce their use. It can also simply help you regain some of the peace of mind that chronic pain has robbed you of. Here are three of our holistic “must-haves” for the home—they’ve worked for us, and we hope they’ll work for you!

Essential oils and a diffuser

Aromatherapy can be a great way to set your mood for the day or to bring you to a calm state of mind in the evening.  Today, it’s easy to enjoy aromatherapy via the use of essential oil diffusers.  Ultrasonic cool mist diffusers transform the oils into a fine mist, making them easy to enjoy and absorb. 

 Different essential oils can have different effects. Lavender is a soothing oil that can help you sleep more peacefully. Chamomile is also known for promoting rest, as well as pain reduction, while cinnamon invigorates and inspires. 

A great pillow 

A good night’s sleep is essential for overall well-being. Yet most people don’t put enough thought into their bedding. A great, natural pillow can be a true game changer when it comes to insomnia and even pain management. There are many different options available depending on your needs. Buckwheat pillows are excellent for those who like firm pillows and live in a warm climate (or sweat), while bamboo pillows are softer and hypoallergenic. 

A massage therapist

Just kidding—kind of.  You can’t install a massage therapist in your home, but you can have a professional grade shiatsu massage any time you feel like it, with truMedic’s InstaShiatsu Plus massager. It combines the deep, kneading motions of shiatsu with heat (optional) for a relaxing, holistic way to support total well-being and manage pain. Shiatsu massage is an ancient technique, first developed in Japan. 

 Today, it’s used around the globe—and even recommended by doctors—for health, stress management, and pain management. The InstaShiatsu Plus massager is rechargeable and cordless, so adjusting it to massage different parts of your body is simple. 


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